DU Professors, This Guy Has Been Waiting For His Result For Almost A Year Now

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4:36 pm 12 Feb, 2016

I am an alumni of Delhi University and have had the priviledge to know some of the most amazing professors in my college. However, I am not oblivious to the fact that DU is a place of great controversies and political framing. Mismanagement and incessant delays are synonymous to the university. But well, we were used to it – and sort of accepted it.

Because you know, Yahaan toh aisa hi hota hai.

Until now, when I got my hands on this letter and realized how grave some issues can turn out to be.

Apaar Sharma, an ex-English literature student from Shivaji College, is waiting for his graduation degree desperately. If he doesn’t provide it by mid of February, he will lose his chance to continue studying in one of the most sought after journalism colleges in India.


Last year, in July 2015, when DU announced the Sociology stream results for Shivaji College, the results were shocking. 251 out of 260 students of Shivaji College had failed the examination – this when the ‘revised’ results were already rolled out, passing a mere six of them.

Such mass failure implies ”that either all the students had pre-decided not to study in this subject and fail or that a few professors of the Sociology Department did not want them to pass and failed on purpose”.

Here’s Apaar Sharma’s open letter to the family and friends of Sociology professors, revealing the radical, appalling consequences and confronting them with stories of shattered dreams and ambitions.

An open letter to the family and friends of the Sociology professors of Delhi University who failed us last year.Dear…

Posted by Apaar Sharma on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This needs justice long due and a promise to take the lives of students in the University seriously. We cannot – and should not – continue living in denial about the University’s careless and irresponsible behavior time and again.

It’s time we do away with: ”Yahan toh aisa hi hota hai”. 

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