A Road Built Over A Drunk Man in Madhya Pradesh While He Was Still Alive

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6:55 pm 21 Sep, 2015

In a horrific incident that took place last Friday, a drunk man slipped and fell into a hole in Katni, Madhya Pradesh, and was buried alive as workers covered him with tar and constructed a road over him.

The victim, later identified as 45-year-old Latori Lal, was found by the local villagers when they spotted a shirt sticking out from a freshly laid patch of road.

Upon close inspection they realised to their horror that a body buried under the road.

Workers didn’t realise that Latori was inside the pit when they filled it with tar and levelled it up with a roller coaster.


The incident was followed by a huge outcry. Angry villagers started targeting the road workers and blocked the traffic as the crushed body of Latori was taken out.

The protests only stopped when local administration and Police assured Latori’s family that they would be compensated and arrested a driver and a road worker for the accident.

On further investigation by the police it was found that Latori and his wife had gone out and had an argument. Latori came back alone at around around 8 pm on Friday night. When his wife returned an hour later, she found the house was locked, with no sign of Latori.

The family, along with the neighbours and few other villagers, started searching for Latori using torches and spread out in the area to look for the missing man.

Later that night few members of this search party spotted Latori’s shirt sticking out of a recently paved road and soon realised he had been crushed by a road roller.

The Police has sent the body for post-mortem and will investigate the matter on the basis of its report.


Speaking on this issue the state’s PWD Minister Sartaj Singh said, “All that we know for now is that the man who has died was drunk. A police probe is on. The immediate responsibility for the construction falls on the contractor who is at the location. The arrests have been made.”

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