New Driverless Delhi Metro Gives You A Foreign Feel

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12:46 pm 8 Apr, 2016

Delhi Metro trains will soon go driverless accommodating passengers end to end.

The six-coach train comes with features like USB slots, larger capacity, and higher speed.



The new trains will operate on the upcoming line 7 (Pink line: Majlis Park – Shiv Vihar) and 8 (Magenta: Janakpuri West – Botanical Garden) of Phase 3. The trial run is likely to start in July.



According to the DMRC, the new trains have undergone significant technological as well as eco-friendly upgrades, and many additional features have been added to increase passenger comfort.


DMRC said these trains are designed for a maximum speed of 95 kmph and operational speed of 85 kmph. They will also have an average speed of higher than 35 kmph, whereas the present rolling stock can be run on an average speed of 32 kmph.

Each coach can accommodate a maximum of 380 passengers, which translates to 2,280 passengers in each train set of six coaches.



The cabin-less trains will be able to accommodate 40 more commuters as the driver’s cabin will not be required.

Each train will have six LED screens with videos, graphics, animation and real time video streaming capacity.

The six coaches will come with coloured seats in each train. The seats of first and last coach, dedicated for women, will be pink. The reserved seats will be darker in colour.

DMRC has ordered 81 new trains and received 14 so far.

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