10 Things That Happen On The First Day Of College

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6:00 pm 4 Jul, 2015

The rains are here, admissions to college are mostly done and a whole generation is going to experience education beyond school for the first time!

There’s something inherently interesting about the first day of college. Suddenly all your emotions seem amplified and it’s like standing on edge of a precipice. So let’s plunge into the first day of college!

1. Campus Darshan

The college institution feels like TARDIS. A small obscure gate through which you enter and then inside you see a full blown building with grounds vast enough to land a UFO! The first thing you’ll make sure you know is the location of the canteen, because, food.


First day of college

I see you canteen. *wink wink* tumblr

2. Classroom confusion

Because it’s your first day and you don’t know your way around the place and no one hands you a map, you’ll find yourself running like a headless chicken across the campus trying to find the dratted room.


3. Teachers’ orientation

Even before you know who your fellow classmates are, you’ll know who’ll be teaching you via the orientation. And you’ll try your best to be attentive because you don’t want to get into trouble. Yet.


4. Feeling out-of-place-itis

There’s always that group of people who have been in the college before, one way or the other, and will immediately find people they recognize. You are not one of them. So you’ll struggle to make conversation with the anonymous public that surrounds you.


5. Self introduction

The first time a teacher asks everyone to introduce yourself, you are slightly nervous because you have no idea what to say. So, this happens.


First day of college

*forgets name and everything else* tumblr

6. Endless introduction

Once you successfully (sort of) introduce yourself, you get highly distracted and don’t pay much attention. Everyone becomes automatically forgettable, except those who catch your eye.


First day of college

*cute guy alert* tumblr

7. Break-time bonding

There you are, trying to find sitting space during break in the canteen. But then you accidentally eavesdrop on a conversation, casually drift over to the group and before you know it, you have bonded over books, music and that obscure YouTube video of a dog pooping on a baby (made an HIMYM reference. You are welcome).


8. Food satisfaction

Scouting for food in and around the campus until you find something that resembles what you like, is what you aspire to do. You will not settle for canteen food even if it’s lighter on your wallets. But later in the year. Today you’ll eat it like a Michelin-star chef personally made that food for you.


9. Settling with the class

Post-break, you’ll find yourself calmer, happier and you re-enter with more people than you’d left with. You’ll also find it easier to not pay attention during lectures.


First day of college

*so not paying attention* tumblr

10. Relief that DAY ONE is over

Exchange contact information, promise to send friend requests on Facebook and Instagram and you whiz out the college gates, with a sense of reprieve. You feel better now that you have people you know and a more concrete sense of what’s coming. Mostly.



What was your first day of college like?


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