Delhi Police Chief Asks Officers to Look Into Twitter Complaints

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2:26 pm 1 Apr, 2016

Taking cues from Indian Railways for taking immediate action after being asked on Twitter, Delhi Police Commissioner Alok Verma has reportedly directed officials to handle such complaints at the earliest.

The decision was taken after a presentation was made before him.

According to Verma, Twitter can be a very useful means of connecting directly with the public.

Delhi Police chief Alok Verma inshorts

Delhi Police chief Alok Verma inshorts

“Public grievances should be dealt with separately as is being done by Indian Railways. Whenever there is a grievance being put up on Twitter, there should be a system to mark the same to the concerned officer so that he can take necessary actions,” Verma said during the meeting.



Under the new Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, the Indian Railways is proactively working to attend complaints from passengers proactively. The Indian Railways is monitoring its Twitter handle quite actively, and is responding to passengers in distress.

There have been hundreds of examples where Indian Railways has taken action within few minutes after getting tweets from passengers in need.

Here is one example:

The reaction of Twitter users to the prompt help has also been impressive. This was best expressed by Twitter user, Santosh V Karmath, as he tweeted, “This is #AccheDin where a common man is treated like a VIP.”

So far, Delhi Police has used Twitter as a means to highlight good work. But according to reports, various district DCPs were not reacting to serious concerns of public just because they came through a social networking site.



In the past few years, social media has fast become the preferred platform for the communications, as unlike the conventional channels, the advantage of using social media is that it enhances transparency and accountability of the organisation. It is also because when an aggrieved citizen writes on an open platform like Facebook and Twitter, the world gets to read about his problem.

However, it remains to be seen how promptly people get their complaints addressed?

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