Telecom Department To Make Local-Language Support In Mobiles Mandatory

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10:35 am 17 Feb, 2016

In order to make ‘Digital India’ a success in rural hinterland, the Department of Telecom (DoT) will soon make it mandatory for mobile phones to support Hindi and at least one regional language.

“Three months down the line, there will be a regulation that will make every mobile phone sold in India mandatory to have English, Hindi and one regional language,” a senior DoT official told PTI.

At present, a lot of mobile phones in India support regional languages.


A rural woman talking on phone juventudrebelde

A rural woman talking on phone

Through this move, the government aims to communicate better with citizens and wants users to access government services like e-payment.

The official further said, “The broadband cannot be limited to English-speaking middle and upper class Indians and it needs to go down to rural areas.”


The government is also running a programme called ‘Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (DISHA)’ to impart IT training for digital literacy.

Under the programme, a person is made IT literate so that he or she can operate digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and the like and send and receive emails and search the internet for information.


Anganwadi workers getting DISHA training csc

Anganwadi workers getting DISHA training

Also, training would be given to citizens on how to access various e-governance services.


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