Rajnath Singh Clarifies India Doesn’t Hate Pakistanis But Is Against Terrorism

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2:03 am 15 Oct, 2016

Making its stand clear on Pakistan, Union Home minister Rajnath Singh said that India doesn’t hate Pakistanis but is against the terrorism.

Addressing a public rally in Bengaluru, the minister said,”India made constant efforts to improve relations with Pakistan, but they did not understand this and tried to take advantage in violation. We do not hate people of Pakistan but hate terrorism in Pakistan.”

He further said that if Pakistan wants, India can help it in rooting out terrorism from its soil.

“If Pakistan government wants to get rid of terrorism and if Pakistan government on its own cannot root out terrorism, then it can seek help of India. India is ready to root out terrorism from Pakistan,” Singh added.


Singh emphasised on Indian Army’s courage and rightness for conducting surgical strikes.

He said, “Terrorists from Pakistan crossed the borders and killed 18 soldiers (referring to Uri attack) but what the Indian jawans did in retaliation was sending a strong message to the world that the country was not weak but strong.”

He also stated that India is a secular country unlike Pakistan which call itself an Islamic state.

“The greatest example of India being a secular country was it declared itself a secular state rather than a theocratic state unlike Pakistan that called itself an Islamic state,” he said.

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