The Story Of This Woman Who Was Abused, Harassed By Her Husband Will Move You To Tears

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11:51 pm 31 Aug, 2016

Dolly Berry, a young talented woman, got married to the person she loved. She was happy but she didn’t know what lie ahead of her.

Just after 15 days of her marriage, she became victim of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband, who supposedly promised to protect her.

The husband Nitin Mirchandani started beating Dolly and after drinking heavily everyday, he use to torture her. To her shock, she learnt that he was having extra marital affair. Not only that, he had a divorce with other woman in the past. This was kept hidden from Dolly and her family all this while. 

All her husband wanted was money. Even though Dolly parents gave him and his family a dowry of Rs. 10 lakh, he wanted more.

After being harassed and tortured for two months, Dolly went back to her parents’ house. Nitin apologised and promised to never do those things again but, just after few days, he was back on same track.


Dolly and her husband on the day of marriage

Dolly and her husband on the day of marriage

The husband was so insensitive that he allegedly pushed and abused Dolly when she was pregnant. She had a miscarriage and he didn’t even come to support her emotionally or financially.

“He never came to see her. He called me and said to take care of financial matter. I asked him won’t he come, he said he was busy. How can anybody be so insensitive,” Dolly’s elder sister Deepika Berry told TYNews.

Dolly fell into chronic depression. Just few days after her birthday, she tried to commit suicide by hanging herself. She was admitted in a hospital and declared brain dead.

Since then, she has been in critical condition. “Her birthday was on July 21. She told me that she would see what Nitin would do for her birthday. But, he didn’t do anything. She was at home with us. On July 25, my maid told me she wasn’t opening her door. That’s when we found she had committed suicide,” said her sister.


Dolly in the hospital after she tried to commit suicide

Dolly in the hospital after she tried to commit suicide

Dolly’s family alleged that the police are not trying to help them. Though the complaint has been registered, not all relevant sections are included. Only dowry charge has been registered against the accused.

“We even took witnesses to police station. But police refuse to file any charges against him or his family,” said her elder sister.


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