These 25 Dogs Could Participate In Teddy-Bear Lookalike Contests

Maybe dogs got bored of just sitting around. Maybe they grew sick of hearing us go, “Awwww…”. Maybe they’ve decided to try evolution and see where it takes them. I don’t really know. But what I do know is that these dogs look so much like bears…cute ones, of course.

 1. Chow Chow pup – Awwww.

 2. Samoyed pup – you don’t fool me with that collar, bear!

3. Golden Doodle pup – you probably had a teddy-bear that looked just like this.

4. Akita, Corgi and German Shepherd mix – that’s the formula for bear I guess.

 5. Tibetan Mastiff pup – yep, that’s the pup. The dog is huge.

6. Poodle pup – with CSI-type proof that it looks like a bear.

 7. Chow Chow dogs – black and brown bears hanging out together.

8. Black Pomeranian pup – looks like a bear cub that needs a lot of loving.

 9. Leonberger – if that’s not a bear looking contemplative, I don’t know what it is.

 10. Alaskan Malamute pup – proving that bears HATE paparazzi.

 11. Poodle pup – with its very own teddy-bear.

 12. Chow Chow pup – when this bear comes, you don’t play dead; you play fetch.

 13. Panda Bear dog – Is it a bear? Is it a dog? Who cares? It’s adorable!

 14. Teacup Pomeranian – looks like a fuzzy little ball of a bear.

 15. Caucasian Ovcharka – okay, so this one makes a rather scary bear.

 16. Bernese Mountain Dog pup – let sleeping bears lie…or they wink at you.

 17. Akita pup – looks like someone adopted a polar bear.

 18. Newfoundland pup – that butt puts Nicki Minaj to shame.

 19. Briard – this is how a bear would look if it adopted a hippy lifestyle.

 20. Eurasier pup – the happiest little black bear you’ve ever seen.

 21. Brown Pomeranian – if all bears looked like this, we’d still be living in the jungle.

 22. Keeshond and American Eskimo mix – some bears do like car rides.

 23. White Tibetan Mastiff – a bear that would do well in a shampoo + conditioner ad.

 24. Cane Corso with pup – double awwwww.

25. Bouvier De Flandres pup – who wants a bear hug?

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