11 Lovely Differences In The Way We See Ourselves And How Our Dogs See Us

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2:52 pm 10 Mar, 2016

A relationship between a dog and owner is unique. No matter what you think about yourself, we surely know that dogs treat owners as Gods. It does not matter how life is treating you, what others are thinking about you or if you think you are useless and it won’t matter to anyone even if you die. Always remember your dog will love you. These illustrations perfectly depict the views of your dog about you!


1. You will never lose your worth in your dog’s eyes.



2. Your success is all your dog wants.



3. No matter how gloomy your day was, your dog will brighten it.



4. You can feed him good food and hence, you are resourceful.



5. What you are and how you look never matter to your canine.



6. Not a single pimple can stop him from licking and kissing you.



7. No less than  a superhero for him!



8. Whatever you give him, he will always be thankful to you.



9.  He will always love you despite what the world thinks about you.



10. You are an angel to him because of all the love and care you give.



11. Even if you think you have failed in your life. You will remain the best for him.



Credit: Bored Panda

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