Good News: The Dog That Was Flung From Roof Has Been Found Alive

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6:52 pm 6 Jul, 2016

The dog that was thrown from the top of a building in a viral video has ‘miraculously survived’ and is currently being treated by doctors.


In a video that went viral on social media, two men were seen throwing the dog off a rooftop just for some kicks.

The viral video is believed to have been filmed around two weeks ago, with the two men later being identified as medical students from a Chennai college.


On July 5, it was found that the animal which many thought to have perished, had in fact survived and was undergoing treatment.

A picture of the dog with animal right activist Shravan Krishnan, was posted on Facebook with the message “Good news – The dog has been found alive.”


Though Krishnan further added that the dog was ‘not able to walk properly’ and would be undergoing further treatment.


According to reports, the dog was found by the local police, who said she was cowering under a staircase of the building she was thrown from.

The dog was identified from a small black patch that can be seen on her tail.


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