Does Your Dog Have An Aadhaar Card? This Pet Dog Does And It Got His Owner In Trouble

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2:47 pm 3 Jul, 2015

Does everyone in your family have an Aadhaar card? Even your pet? Well, Azman Khan’s pet surely has one. He got his dog an Aadhaar card in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district, reports Hindustan Times. When police discovered the same on Thursday, he was arrested.

The card has a photo of the dog with the name Tommy Singh, son of Sheru Singh, and mentions its date of birth as  November 26,2009.


The case came to light after a resident of Kiti village in Umri complained to police that people were experiencing difficulties in getting Aadhaar cards from Khan’s agency (supervisor at an Aadhaar enrolment agency in Umri) which was issuing such cards to dogs and other animals.


After investigation of the complaint, Khan was arrested. Police said they are questioning him to find out if he had made such cards for other animals or unauthorized people.


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