Four Doctors At Ahmedabad Hospital Save Man’s Life Using The Lights Of Their Phones

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6:13 pm 28 Feb, 2016

A power failure would have caused a man on the operating table his life if it were not for four quick-thinking doctors of the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad.

What happened was that a man named Dinesh Patni was brought to the trauma centre with a 3-cm deep stab wound which doctors suspected could damage his liver.


The 34-year-old was immediately taken to the surgery unit where the team of Dr Parth Dalal, Dr Ashu Jain, Dr Dhruv Baru and Dr M Mariraj were to operate on him.

But just when they made an incision on his stomach, the lights went off. The emergency generator failed to start.

Fully realizing that the patient will die if they wait for the power to return, the four doctors wasted no time and took a brave decision.

They switched on the lights of their smartphones and continued with the operation.




Dr Dalal told Ahmedabad Mirror that the patient was on life-support and it was not possible to shift him under the situation.

“He could have suffered a haemorrhage since his liver was injured. So, we switched on the torch function on our smartphones and also used an LED-torch to complete the procedure,” he said.

The doctors successfully performed the surgery in less than an hour. The patient was discharged five days later.


L to R: Dr Ashu Jain, Dr Dhruv Baru, Dr Parth Dalal and Dr M Mariraj. Ahmedabad Mirror

L to R: Dr Ashu Jain, Dr Dhruv Baru, Dr Parth Dalal and Dr M Mariraj. Ahmedabad Mirror

As to why the emergency generator failed to start, the hospital said that there was a technical fault which has now been repaired.

But such faults can prove to be deadly for patients. In that light what the four doctors did was nothing less than heroic.


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