Nightclub Owner Says No Patron Asked For Refund Though DJ Bobby Wasn’t A Hit With Them

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6:18 pm 30 Aug, 2016

Bobby Deol was trending recently on social media for having DJed rather terribly at a Delhi nightclub where the patrons were so offended by his lack of musical sense that they asked the nightclub to refund them their entry cost. Now, the owner of The Nightclub (RSVP), Ajay Bindal, has come out in support of the actor.

Bindal told a media outlet that no one had asked for a refund. He added that the cover charge of Rs 3000/- was just an entry fee that can be redeemed inside the club and not a ticket fee to see DJ Bobby perform.

Bobby Deol, who is incidentally a trained DJ, had performed at the club on 29 July at a sold out event. Later, reports surfaced that Deol kept playing songs from his hit movie ‘Gupt’ in a loop and that the frustrated patrons asked for a refund. However, according to the owner, Deol played ‘Gupt’ songs only once or twice, which is a common-enough act of celebs.


According to Bindal, Deol spent the first 40 minutes mingling with the guests and posing for photos as most of them had come to see him. After realizing that people didn’t like his music, Deol reportedly left the place after 45 minutes.

Apparently, Deol came in at around 11:30 PM and left at 12:45 PM. Once the actor realized that people were more eager to see Deol the actor than dance to the tunes of Deol the DJ, he decided to leave. The party, however, continued till early morning and, according to Bindal, there hasn’t been one demand for a refund – personally or on social media.

The story gripped Twitterati recently and they let Deol have it with all the decency one can expect from a nameless, faceless online crowd. Bobby Deol is all like:


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