11 Things Only Divorced Women Will Understand

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10:00 am 27 Dec, 2015

Divorce can be the most courageous thing a person can do but with it, come repercussions. Here we bring a few things which only divorced women would understand:


1. Divorce can be positive aspect in a woman’s life, as she gets ready to start a new phase of life – without him.


2. She’ll probably help her children cope with stories and cuddles and make sure that they know mom is always there for them.


3. Sometimes she worries about her children’s future; if it might be harder for them with just one parent.


4. They may have a harder time bonding emotionally with others because their last emotional bond was cruelly shattered.


5. Talking about the children’s father to them is tough. They can’t be too honest yet the kids need to know why the divorce happened.


6. Relationships become hard, as they are alienated from their families and have to face the world all alone.


7. They worry about their kids being picked on, laughed at, bullied and ridiculed because of their divorced status.


8. A divorced woman is not a helpless species; she is someone who is on her journey to discover her future.


9. Divorced moms have to keep an eye on the children to make sure that they don’t get negatively influenced by the parents’ issues.


10. They have accepted the challenge to live alone and face a diminished lifestyle and financial struggles ahead.


11. It takes a while to begin to even think of dating someone. They first have to pull themselves back together.

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