District Magistrate ‘Turns’ Clerk To Suggest Ways To Get Two Years Of Work Done In A Month

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4:12 pm 8 Feb, 2016

Patna district magistrate Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal took to a clerk’s job and suggested method to reduce time for completing the pending work.

Agarwal took this decision after reviewing the work of lower level of administration, in his two-hour visit to the legal cell of the Secretariat.

The DM found that 375 cases of stamp refund were pending which would take about two years to complete.

But, the officer, got an idea to cut short the time and suggested how the work could be done in a month, an official statement said.


Patna district magistrate Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal. hindustantimes

He was transferred to the state capital in December last year.

While the officer was doing inspection, he came across an employee who appeared over-aged while her certificates, alleged to be forged, mention that she was 55 years old.

The officer has passed instructions to officials to constitute medical board to verify her age.

From February 7, the officer has decided to visit different sections of district administration once a week to improve and bring transparency in the work culture at the lower level.

Agarwal has also passed orders to the officers of Section, Block, District and Circle officers to do the same thing every Tuesday to improve the work culture and review the work.

The officer has also worked with Election Commission of India and was recently awarded by the Election Commission for the best practices  during his tenure as the DM of Gaya.

Later, when Nitish Kumar took as chief minister of the state, he was appointed as Patna district magistrate.


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