French Court Grants Woman Disability Allowance For Being Allergic To Wi-Fi

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6:34 pm 1 Sep, 2015

Many think French are a bit eccentric.If that is so then this incident proves them right.

A woman has just been granted disability allowance for being “Allergic to Wi-Fi”.

In a bizarre case, 39-year-old Marine Richard was granted a monthly disability allowance of £500 (Rs. 50,000) after she convinced a French court that she is not only allergic to Wi-Fi signals but has been forced give up on her urban lifestyle as she suffers from ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity’.

EHS means exposure from mobile phones, Wi-Fi and television cause her severe discomfort.

Richards, whose condition still remains unsubstantiated by medical experts, has apparently been forced to live in a barn without electricity in the rural Ariège department.



Wonder How to

She was formerly a radio producer and was reportedly forced to retire early due to her condition.
Calling this case a “breakthrough”, Richard’s lawyer Alice Terrasse believes this ruling will help thousands of people.

The ruling was also celebrated by many EHS campaigners who have now persuaded some local authorities to move many mobile phone towers after residents complained outside the city.


While no one has been paid disability for this alleged condition till date, many EHS sufferers are said to have developed “radiation free” colonies on the outskirts of the city where they can live exposure free.


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