135 Million Years Old Dinosaur Fossils Found In Gujarat

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3:08 pm 26 Jan, 2016

A team of Indian and German geologists and researchers have found fossils of Dinosaur in the Kutch area of Gujarat.

Gaurav Chauhan, a member of the team, told PTI:

“German and Indian geologists were working on a site where we accidentally stumbled upon dinosaur fossils. We have found fossils of either hip or limb bones of the dinosaur. The site at Kas Dungar is 25 kms from Bhuj town in Kutch.”


The team members at the excavation site in Kutch The Hindu

The team members at the excavation site in Kutch
The Hindu

The fossil pieces are estimated to be at least 135 million years old. Also, the researchers said that the specimen indicate the dinosaur was a herbivore and belonged to Jurassic era.

The Jurassiac era started 240 million years ago and ended at around 135 million years ago. It was the time when India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar were one huge landmass, and the formation of the Himalayas had not taken place.

Chauhan, who is pursuing a PHD in geology at Kutch University, said:

“Carbon dating test will be conducted by the German geologist team led by Franz Fursich and Dr Matthias Alberti who have taken samples with them. We are quite sure that these fossils are of dinosaur. Once the age of the fossils is ascertained, we will also be able to tell about the species.”

He added Dr D K Pandey of University of Jaipur was also part of the team.

Fossils of a dinosaur (Representational Image) weareteachers

Fossils of a dinosaur (Representational Image)

Gujarat is consider as home to one of the largest collection of dinosaur remains. It is also called as India’s Jurassic Park.

 A new Dinosaur species was discovered near Narmada banks in 2003. The 30-foot-long carnivorous was named as ‘Rajasaurus Narmadensis’ or the regal reptile from Narmada. It had unusal head crest.

Rajasaurus narmadensis planetdinosaur

Rajasaurus Narmadensis

Also, large number of dinosaur eggs have been discovered at Balasinor town which is  around 100 km from Ahmedabad.


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