15 Reasons Why Indians Prefer Dinning At Dhaba Than Luxury Hotels

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8:00 pm 25 Jun, 2015

You don’t care whether it is ‘Kaka Da Dhabba’ or ‘Karisma Da Dhabba’. All you know is you will be served with a plate of finger-licking curries and roti soaked in butter. It is a beautiful sight to see the makhan melting over your Tandoor’s, and this is yum! Here are few reasons why Indians prefer dinning at dhaba rather than five star luxury hotels.

1. You will get everything cheap here so you don’t need to worry about budget.

Twelve can eat on a bill for four people at a luxury hotel.


2. You don’t need to worry if you are screaming loud for some extra butter.

Oye Paaji, makhan maar k laana’; and the Paaji brings you a roti soaked completely in butter!


3. Dhabas are saviour if you are travelling long distance.

You would hardly find any restaurants on highways!


4. You can simply wear a Pajama Kurta or the worst casual outfit and sit here like boss.

Yes, sometime we love the rural sense and so are we here.


5. Lassi competition remains here forever which ends with a Lassi moustache.

How many for you, just five glasses?


6. You can remove your slippers and even sit on the khatiya or charpai.

Nowhere can you be this comfortable.


7. You can giggle around, laugh a lot and leave a Dhaba with really fond memories.

A Dhaba is the best place to sing and dance while you eat.


8. Whichever Dhaba you go, you get tasty finger-licking dishes served with love and warm smile.

Aur batao ji kya khaaoge?


9. You can finish your dishes and lick your fingers without being least bothered about etiquettes.

Look around, everyone would be doing this!


10. When you have a large gang of rowdy friends, Dhaba is the best place to enjoy.

Especially for the all male group.


11. You get a natural ambiance in Dhabas which will make you feel fresh.

The lush green grasses and the natural beauty nearby!


12. Voila! No parking rules here. You can park your vehicle wherever you want to.

Plus you don’t have to pay for parking too.


13. There is a never ending long list of curries in Dhaba and you get them fresh every time.


 14. There is nothing artificial about a Dhaba; it reflects the pure Indian way of life.


15. And most of them are actually open 24 hours a day.

Let’s party tonight!



This made me hungry; I’m going back to my Dal Chawal. Have a happy Dhaba eating!


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