This Differently Abled Man Was Refused A Job Yet He Succeeded In Bringing His Family Out Of Poverty

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2:03 pm 2 Feb, 2016

Pradeep is a differently abled man. Born in Kanpur to a very poor family, Pradeep has not been able to use his legs since childhood.

His father sold gol gappas – an Indian snack – for a living. Seeing his condition, Pradeep’s neighbours advised that he join his father in the business. But a resolute Pradeep had decided to write his own fate.


Pradeep getting out of the wheelchair.

Pradeep getting out of the wheelchair.

“As I grew up, people started telling me to join my father’s work because I of my disability,” said Pradeep.

But even though people tried to demotivate him by pointing at his disability Pradeep did not lose focus and concentrated on his studies. Having a natural zeal towards studies, Pradeep relentlessly continued pursuing it.


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He earned a diploma from the polytechnic at Kanpur and found a job in Delhi. But difficulties did not leave him. When he visited the company for his offer letter he got a disappointing response that “they were not looking for differently-abled people”.

Pradeep cried but did not give up. His parents asked him to return to Kanpur but he refused.

After facing a lot of rejections in interviews he, as a result of his long running struggle, found placement with a large private company in Delhi.

That changed his fortunes. With the help of his earnings, differently abled Pradeep has been able to take his family out of poverty. He is a hero for his family.


Inspirational Pradeep5


The eldest of four, which includes two younger brothers and a younger sister, Pradeep says that his family had also suffered a lot in his upbringing from those pitiable conditions.

He said that his parents inspired him.

“A person’s greatness does not lie on physical appearance but depends on his thoughts,” he says philosophically.

He is of the opinion that instead of taking a drastic step such as suicide, people should always smilingly fight their problems and find a solution to them.

Pradeep has proved that if a person has true passion and dedication for his goal then nothing can stop him from achieving that.



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