Here Is Why Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus

There is always a tug of war between both the sexes. They both try to prove themselves to be better than the other! Here are a few situations that show how they both are poles apart from each other:


1. Yes, girls overthink but what’s the big deal about it?



2. These many colors actually exist, guys are simply color blind.



3.  The expectations are always different from reality!



4. The queen is never late, others are just early.



5. It’s good to enjoy the scene, the weather, the air and feel romantic! but guys just can’t.



6. A gamer girl is every guy’s dream. You are lucky if you get one.

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7. What’s wrong with some window shopping?



8. You just need to know a woman’s heart and have the ability to read her mind!



9. A girl is like a work station: work hard as it always pays, boys.



10. LOL #reality



11. Well the video will make things more clear!

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