DGP Javeed Ahmad Leads By Example, Tests Taser Gun On Himself

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4:13 pm 5 Sep, 2016

In a video that is going viral, Uttar Pradesh’s Director-General of Police (DGP) Javeed Ahmad is seen taking a hit from a taser gun so as test it’s efficiency.


DGP Javed, who in the video is seen in a lot of pain before falling to the ground, was testing the new brand of taser gun before it is administered in UP.

According to TOI, he volunteered for the test, so as to lead by example, and added…



A teaser gun fires dart-like electrodes at the target which sends an electric shock through the body.



A person hit by these “darts” suffers temporary neuromuscular incapacitation and is unable to move for few seconds.

After taking the hit, DGP was assisted to the floor and later seen getting back up saying “Taare dikhte hain (I saw stars)”.

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