DG Vanzara Garlands Sardar Patel’s Statue With Toy Gun And Pens

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7:53 pm 20 Jun, 2016

A move by retired Gujarat police officer DG Vanzara is slowly turning into an uproar after he offered the statue of Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel some unusual tributes.


Vanzara was in Surat on June 20, when the incident took place.

He was participating in a programme that was organised by his supporters, and was supposed to be offering an garland to the statue of Sardar Patel.

But he ended up offering more than just flowers in form of garland.

After giving Sardar Patel a regular floral tribute, the former police officer went on to offer another garland of pens and a toy gun.


The second tribute though has ended up leaving many amazed and few even infuriated.

The members of the Patel community have seen it as an insult to Sardar Ballabhbhai and have asked Vanzara to apologize .


After his bizarre tribute, Vanzara had explained that the offering was supposed to symbolic, as Patel was a true nationalist and had brought several kingdoms under India and unified it.

He had added that the offering was “a symbolic way of showing how astra (weapons) and shastra (scriptures) were used for positive nation building”.


Vanzara is currently out on bail in Ishrat Jahan and Sohrabudin Sheikh’s fake encounter case.

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