Dev Patel’s New Film ‘Lion’ Tells How Google Earth Helped an Indian Find His Lost Family

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10:48 am 27 Aug, 2016

‘Lion’ is a captivating story of a boy who lives on the streets in Kolkata, India. One unfortunate night, in search of his brother, he strolls around in a train compartment and unknowingly, falls asleep. Eventually, he wakes up frightened and is caught in the panic of the moving train.

Many years later, at 25, when he was living with his foster family in Australia, a raging culled inside him; he wanted to find his parents, lost during childhood. Finally, he sets on a remarkable journey to find his family. All he has is some hope, the echo of places he remembered from childhood and Google-earth.

Dev Patel, our slumdog hero, stars opposite Nicole Kidman and we are expecting this movie to be an escapade we can’t afford to miss. Watch the trailer and share your views in comments section below:


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