18 Typical Qualities Every Mother-in-law Wants In Her Bahu

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5:48 pm 25 Aug, 2015

Frequent clashes and fights seen between saas and bahu are never-ending in Indian homes. Mother-in-law is not a good mother-in-law until she controls her bahu with a rope around a waist. And the bahu is not a bahu if she does not know the technique to dodge her mother-in-law perfectly. Well, if your relation is blessed let it be holy, but if not, try to inculcate these qualities which every mother-in-law wants in her bahu.

1. You will have to listen to her all the day long, whether you like it or not.

2. She wants you to impress her, by cooking her favorite recipe.

3. Serving your mother-in-law with hot tea and breakfast can give you a break from her taunts.

4. If you are working, she would expect you to cook when you return home.

5. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate your birthday or not, celebrating her birthday satisfies her for a few days.

6. You should never interfere in any conversation talking place between your mother-in-law and her son.

7. Beautiful and intelligent are the qualities every mother-in-law wants in her bahu.

8. You are expected to always agree to the decision taken by your mother-in-law.

9. Giving a part of your salary to her will make her love you more.

10. Whenever you go shopping, you need to buy something for her.

11. She wants you to be religious! Have good knowledge about rituals and how to follow them perfectly.

12. You are expected not to disturb her while she’s watching her favorite TV serial.

13. You are expected to act sensibly by serving some garam pakodas with chai to any guest who comes over.

14. You should remember about the likes and dislikes of the family!

15. The bahu must be a family-oriented lady, who has the power to bind the family at difficult times.

16. The bahu must treat her mother-in-law and her mother equally.

17. The bahu must inform her mother-in-law every time she steps out of the home.

18. She will discuss family matters openly with the bahu, no matter if she may be convinced about her decision or not.


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