This Is How Men And Women Behave When Depressed

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7:22 pm 7 Aug, 2015

Depression is a problem that affects everyone in the world. Some succumb to it, others climb out of it. You can, of course, identify if a person is suffering from depression from symptoms. But you would be surprised to know that when depressed men and women behave in a manner diametrically opposite to each other. Here are eight key differences between male and female depression.

1. Their reaction if something goes wrong.

Men blame others.


Women blame themselves.

2. How they feel under depression.

Men feel restless and agitated.

Women feel slowed down and nervous.



3. How they react to daily happenings.

Men feel angry, irritable, and ego inflated.

Women feel sad, apathetic, and worthless.


4. Their priorities under depression.

Men always want to be in control at all costs.


Women find trouble setting boundaries.

5. How they deal with conflict.

Men create conflicts.

Women try to avoid them.

6. How they react to strange developments.

Men feel suspicious and guarded.

Women feel anxious and scared.


7. What they do when in self-doubt.

Men consider talking about self-doubt and despair as a sign of weakness.

Women find it easier to talk about self-doubt.

8. Their lifestyle when in depression.

Men rely more on alcohol, TV, sports, and sex.


Women prefer food, friends, and “love” to self-medicate.


Depression destroys lives. It is best to try and come out of depression as soon as possible.


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