Deoband: Avoid Listening To Zakir Naik; He’s A Scholar Of English Who Wears “Coat And Pants”

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10:13 pm 14 Jul, 2016

Deoband’s influential Darul Uloom Islamic seminary had described the controversial Islamic preacher as “religiously deviated” and said that Muslims should not rely on his speeches.

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Darul Uloom, which has till now issued as many as seven fatwas against Naik, had called his talks as ‘unauthentic‘.

In on such fatwa issued on April 7, 2009, the seminary had said, “A common man may not be able to differentiate between right and wrong. Therefore, people should avoid listening to his speeches; they are feared to fall in deviation.”

In a fatwa dated February 13, 2012, the seminary said, ” …. Zakir Naik is a scholar of English and wears coat and pant. He has no right to say these things. Is wearing the dress of Jews and Christian established from the holy Quran?”

In another fatwa, it termed Naik as a “self-styled scholar” and said that he does not have the authority to give sermons on Islam. It called him a preacher of ‘Ghair Muqallidin’ (a different school of thought).

The seminary described Naik as a preacher who does not wear Islamic dress.

Darul Uloom Islamic seminary umersultan.wordpress

Darul Uloom Islamic seminary umersultan.wordpress

In 2008, Naik’s approach was termed contradictory to authentic Ulama (clerics), so his programmes were asked to avoid.

The seminary said that these fatwas were issued before the Bangladesh attack and they were in response to specific questions asked by people referring to Zakir Naik’s statements in public sessions.

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