Delhi Traffic Police Begins SMS Alert Service To Help Commuters Avoid Jams

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12:23 pm 24 Aug, 2015

Taking the next step towards making Delhi’s congested traffic smooth, the Delhi Traffic Police has started a ‘Traffic SMS’ service which would let commuters know where to expect congestion and which route to avoid so as not to get stuck in any traffic jams.

The SMS service, which is absolutely free of cost, will also let the enquirer know about the city’s traffic situation at that time.

Besides congestion points, the text would also let them know about rallies, political and religious processions that are taking place on a particular day.

On top of that the SMS will also give them diversion updates on their mobile phones.


To subscribe to the SMS alert service, people will have to send an SMS to Delhi Traffic Police number 9811452220.

Subscribers will get an SMS containing information about traffic congestion on Delhi Routes. In case anyone wants to opt out of the service or wants to unsubscribe, they can send an SMS to the same number with the request.


Though Delhi Police has successfully provided the above facility through its Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp profiles, the SMS alert facility, in my opinion, is a better than web-based services. There are many privately developed apps that provide the same service to smartphone users, but hardly any who give this facility on SMS. This gives Delhi Police an advantage as this service would be able to help those people who don’t own a smartphone. (Believe me, there are many.)

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