This Delhi Police Animation Hilariously Shows How ‘Himmat’ Helps Protect Women

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2:07 pm 4 Dec, 2015

‘Himmat’ is an app that the Delhi Police had launched in January this year to ensure women safety. The Delhi Traffic Police recently shared an animated video on their Facebook page showing how the app is helpful to Delhi’s women.

Like usual, two women are travelling in an auto…




…when they suddenly find themselves being harassed by men on bikes.




One woman then takes out her mobile phone and presses the ‘SOS’ button on the Himmat app.




Lo and behold! A police woman enters like Ajay Devgan in a Rohit Shetty film.


Police Coming


She bashes the goons black and blue…and saves the day for the women.




The app can be downloaded for free for Android-based mobile phones.

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