Delhi Will Soon Become First City In India To Implement 112, Common Emergency Number

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10:08 am 21 Aug, 2016

The national common emergency number, 112, will be implemented first by Delhi Police. The common emergency number for all four services – police, ambulance, fire brigade and disaster – has been set as 112.

In will be in use in Delhi before the end of 2016. With that, Delhi will become the country’s first city with an exclusive number for emergencies.

According to reports, the integrated number, which is modelled along the lines of 911 of the United States, is part of a pilot project.

Once Delhi implements the number, its effectiveness will be studied and eventually replicated in other cities of the country.

Quoting a senior Delhi police officer Daily Mail reports that the force has agreed to the “architecture of the project”.

“The number, 112, will run parallel to the existing response systems in place — police (100), fire brigade (101), ambulance (102) and Emergency Disaster Management (108),” said the officer.


Delhi Police


Trial run will begin as soon as the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) gets the hardware.

The number, 112, was adopted in March this year. Being an emergency service, the number can be dialed even from phones in which outgoing facilities have been stopped or temporarily suspended.

A single number for all emergency purposes was felt because it is not possible to recall the exact number to dial in case of an emergency in the time of such an emergency.

Add to the prime four, states also have their own emergency numbers for women in distress, child helplines, etc.

Once dialed, 112 will redirect to the appropriate department concerning the emergency.




The test run will continue for a period of one year. The common number will co-exist with other emergency numbers for this period following which the old emergency numbers will be scrapped.

“Existing numbers will continue to be functional, till the time the software for the new emergency number 112 is matured,” the officer said.

Central agency Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) and NIC is working on the technical end of the project.

A call centre-like facility will be set up to handle 112 calls.


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