If You Have A Passion For Photography, Then Delhi Photography Club Is The Place For You To Live Your Passion

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2:56 pm 5 Nov, 2016

A good photograph keeps a moment from running away.

Well, that’s the simplest way to define the magic of photography. A photograph has this unusual power to open the doors to the past, some good, some bad, but it is a memory preserved with love.

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr etc. becoming our instant photo-sharing social spots, we want every click to be a masterpiece. But not to forget, photography is an art. To click a gem, you need to be a gem. If  somewhere deep down you have the zest to click the beauty in everything and aspire to brush up your photography skills, then the Delhi Photography Club (DPC) is the place to be.

DPC, located in the heart of New Delhi, is the first photography club in India. It is a lively place to learn the basics of photography and is also great for amateurs and professionals photographers to hone their talent.

Well, this sounds like a party hub for photographers!


What makes DPC stand apart, is their wide range of courses which are creative, informative and most importantly, fun. This includes workshops, photo walks, photo trips and, very soon, they will be launching their brand new magazine to showcase the works of amateur and professional photographers of New Delhi.

So, if you want your photos to be noticed, then, whatchu waiting for? Register here!

Let’s accept it, to click the most exquisite photos, one needs to be technically aware of all the camera features and this is where DPC steps in. It organizes workshops for aspiring photographers and guides them to better their technique. Moreover, it motivates youngsters to build their own creative expression because every photographer has a unique eye.

You can enroll for their workshops right here.


India has a rich heritage to marvel at and Delhi, for a long time, has been an absolute paradise for photographers. DPC aims to use this to their advantage and they plan regular heritage walks for beginner photographers, which not only nurtures their skill but also brings them closer to our history. Because in the midst of these unknown and concealed historical places, lies a story that only a photograph can unfold.

To embrace our heritage, take part in their next walk. To know their schedule, click here.


Like they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And in this case, it ends with some heart-warming memories collected in photos. Keeping this in mind, DPC organizes trips for photography enthusiasts to places that offer stunning opportunities for photography.

I mean, what better way to take some incredible photographs, meet interesting people and yet be absorbed in those spectacular locations.

Why wait now? Map your time for their next trip to Pushkar!



To reward the best photographs, DPC presents Nicefoto, an international celebration of amateur photography. It’s a platform where photographers send their best work and a winner is chosen in different categories. Also, their amazing work gets displayed at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi. Good work is appreciated and acknowledged here in every way!

Now, I guess, you don’t need more reasons to join their team. Give yourself an experience to cherish by living up your passion. To get yourself started, check out their membership plans.


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