Delhi-Mumbai Talgo Train Successfully Completes 1,384 km Journey In Just 12 Hours

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9:59 am 11 Sep, 2016

The Spanish Talgo train succeeded in travelling the distance of 1,384 km between New Delhi and Mumbai in just under 12 hours.

In its final leg of the test, the Talgo took around three-and-half hours less than the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express on the same route.

The train chugged off from New Delhi railway station at 2.45 pm on Saturday and reached Mumbai at around 2.34 am on Sunday.

A previous run on the same track had failed due to rains.


The train ran at a speed of 150 km per hour through the route. Nine super light-weight Talgo coaches were pulled by an Indian Railways electric engine.


Indian Railways

Indian Railways

The speciality of the coaches is that they can hit 200 km per hour and have a natural tilting mechanism which allows them to be dragged on curves at a faster speed than other Indian coaches.

Coaches for the test were imported to Mumbai in April.

Its first trial was conducted on the Bareilly-Moradabad stretch in Uttar Pradesh, followed by the second trial on the Palwal-Mathura section of the North-Central Railway.

With the Delhi-Mumbai trial a success, the Indian Railways can actually look forward to operating semi-high-speed trains without the need for replacement of existing tracks.

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