MCD Teachers Take Out Candle-Light March Protesting Non-Payment Of Salaries

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1:28 pm 12 Dec, 2015

On the one hand the Delhi Government passed a Bill in the Assembly which would hike an MLA’s salary by a whooping 400%, if approved by the central government. On the other hand there appears to be no funds to pay the salaries of government employees.


In the last one year reports about Delhi government employees not being paid, including DTC employees, Government Doctors, and even pensioners, have been doing the rounds.

Even the Delhi High Court had to intervene and order the AAP-led government to release the funds, but it has not helped improve the situation so far.

The latest to join this list are MCD teachers, who have not been paid in over two months now.


While members of MCD Teachers Association (MCTA) have tried their best to get clearance for their pay, the effort seems to have been of no avail with Deputy CM Manish Sisodia reportedly refusing to take responsibility and shifting the blame to the Central Government or the MCD itself.

Fed up of government’s apathy, MCD teachers took out a candle-light march on Friday night to protest against the delay in pay.


The peaceful candle-light march from Vidhan Sabha Metro Station till Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s house was attended by over 4000 MCD teachers.


While exclusively talking to TopYaps, MCTA Senior Vice President Vibha Singh said, “We have not been paid our salary for over two months now, we have not been able to pay our dues and even our EMIs are pending.”

She pointed out that the MCD has been issued an order by the Delhi Government that states that the Education Funds that were released have instead been used to pay the ‘Safai Karmchaaris’ (sanitation workers).

“Why are our funds being given to them when we too are suffering here? Just because we don’t create havoc by spreading garbage on the roads and disrupting everyone’s life, means our earnings would be given to them instead?”

Back in October, MCD sanitation workers too had gone on a three-day strike due to non payment of salaries and had only called it off when Delhi Minister Sandeep Kumar had assured to give them their remaining portion of grant in December.

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