Delhi Govt Bans Private Vans For School Transport After They Are Found Flouting Safety Rules

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5:35 pm 26 Aug, 2016

Just days after a 3-year-old child was crushed to death by a careless Van driver, Delhi government has decided to ban the use of private vans for ferrying young students to their schools.


The decision was taken by the Delhi government on August 26 when they found that the van driver who was responsible for three-year-old Aviral Rana’s death had openly flouted many rules set by the Delhi government.

On closer inspection, it was found that many school van drivers don’t follow rules and repeatedly flout them while ferrying students.



Arival was crushed to death by his school van on August 23 when he was being dropped home from his preparatory school.

His mother had told the driver many times not to drop the boy on the main road  but he refused to pay her any heed.



Three-year-old Aviral Rana. NDTV

On August 23, the driver had reversed the van after dropping Arival and failed to realise that the boy was still standing on the left.

There was also no helper in the van.

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