19 Misconceptions About Delhi Girls

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12:00 pm 13 Aug, 2015

Even though Delhi girls are looked up to, they always face certain kinds of stereotypes.

“Oh, she’s a Delhi girl? Damn!”
Why can’t we simply accept that each individual is different? We can’t generalize on the basis of their cities. Yes, Delhi girls love aloo parantha. Yes, they love scoring an MK bag at quarter of the price. But then, don’t you? Read on to find 19 major misconceptions people have about Delhi girls.

1. They are loud and abusive. BCs and MCs are their best friends.


Not all of us!

2. They wear loud lipsticks all the time, even at funerals.


3. Delhi girls are Punjabi girls. Punjab = Delhi.


4. The only ambition they have is to marry a Vicky Kapoor.


5. They change their boyfriends every other day.


6. The only colors they wear are reds and pinks.

7. The only conversations they can have are of Chanel bags and Tarun Tahiliani’s shows.


That’s Poo, not us!

8. Delhi girls fake accents all the time.

9. They only have best friends so that they can post a selfie with them on ladies nights.


10. They only listen to Taylor Swift. No, I love EDM too.



11. They are all Honey Singh fans. Therefore, they are shallow.


12. The only reason they look hot on a Saturday night is to get a free drink.


13. They bargain all the time, even in shopping malls



 14. Delhi girls are always dressed to the nines.


15. They always wear heels.


16. They show off their FAIL English skills all the time.



17. None of them know politics, science, or even plain logic. Delhi girls are dumb.

Yes, that was sarcasm.


18. Their breakfast is aaloo parantha every day.


19. The only thing it takes to date them is a Jaguar.

Umm.. Love maybe?


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