Delhi’s Pollution Is Killing Off 80 People Each Day And There Will Be More

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3:56 pm 17 Jun, 2015

You know that Delhi is the world’s most polluted city. But what is being done about it? Practically nothing. So one should know that nothing concrete will be done against pollution even after this startling revelation by researchers that air pollution alone is killing 80 people each day in the city.


The TOI reports that according to Environmental Science and Technology journal, scientists said most of these deaths were due to heart attacks and strokes, and not very many because of respiratory diseases.


It also suggested that 45 per cent of these premature deaths in Delhi could be avoided if the city met the national ambient air quality standard for PM2.5, and as much as 85 per cent if the city’s air could be cleaned up to the safe standards set by the World Health Organization.


While Beijing has taken strict measures to control air pollution, Delhi is still struggling to find a solution. By the time the government takes a proper measure, many more would have died and thousands others would be suffering from pollution-related diseases.


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