15 Winter Cocktails To Keep Your Body Warm And Tastebuds Happy

12:00 pm 8 Feb, 2016

Tired of drinking whisky, brandy and rum during the winters? Fret no more for we are here to introduce you to certain lovely cocktails that will surely make you happy and bright even in the sunless gloomy winter days.


1. Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whisky

Brighten the days by savoring this brilliant delicacy made with only 5 ingredients—whisky, cinnamon, whipped cream, Frangelico and milk! You get the warmth of whisky and hot milk along with the naughty combination of whipped cream and cinnamon. Ah! The day is made!


2. Glogg

Who doesn’t want to savor a cocktail that’s wrapped up with everything nice? Well, Glogg is a classic winter cocktail that is made with port, vodka and dry red wine combined with exotic spices, sugar, figs, oranges and raisins!


3. Eggnog

Nothing beats the chill in a classier way than the eggnog. It requires dark rum, cognac and bourbon combined with eggs and milk! Although it has an elaborate recipe to follow, that’s the case with everything nice, isn’t it?


4. Tom and Jerry

Although in taste, looks and spirit, it is almost the same as the above one, the fact that it is served piping hot makes all the difference! Savor it to understand the difference!


5. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate during the winters? If it is combined with booze, nothing can get better!


6. Cherry Pepper Martini

There is a martini for all purposes! Be it the highlight of a party or the tonic to repair a broken heart, cherry pepper martini does it all with élan.


7. Grand Coffee

All you need in a cold and cuddly winter is a cup of orange-and-cognac liquor mixed with a few ounces of coffee to make you feel better, and brighter!


8. Apple Cider

Remember how you were treated to hot cider as a kid? Well, simply add an adult content—bourbon—to it, and you get this zesty and lovely cocktail to warm your cold, winter mornings!


9. Irish Coffee

Confused whether to choose booze over coffee or vice-versa to warm your cold nights? Well then, there’s Irish coffee for you! You may simply get packaged Irish coffee, or better still, add Irish whiskey in your cuppa and top it off with cream! Ta da!


10. Mulled Wine

Now, here’s another classic winter cocktail we have in store for you. Enjoy your nights, and make it grander with a glass of mulled wine!


11. Hot Toddy

If you wish to savor a piping hot cocktail, you may go in for hot toddy—a spicy concoction of water, sugar, whisky and lemon!


12. Coconut Vanilla Bellini

Who doesn’t love to get a bit tipsy in chilly nights after savoring amazing cocktails? If you do, too, coconut vanilla Bellini is the perfect option for you. The use of coconut juice in this cocktail makes it way tastier than you can imagine!


13. Peppermint Patty

Add a splash of peppermint schnapps in your piping hot chocolate, and your delicious peppermint patty is ready! Check out the full recipe here.


14. Pomegranate Moscow Mule

Simply mix vodka and non-alcoholic ginger beer together, and combine this concoction with pomegranate juice and lime juice to get this fruity, tipsy delicacy that will warm your senses in no time!


15. Pineapple Wassail

Are you craving something fruity to make your sunny winter mornings all the brighter? Taste a glass of pineapple wassail cocktail, and get rejuvenated in no time!


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