Twitteraties Celebrate Four Years Of DeepVeer and It’s Adorable

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11:37 am 16 Aug, 2016

Don’t we all just love DeepVeer? They look adorable, and for once we don’t mind their PDA. I’m sure for many of us, they are the ultimate relationship goal setters too.


On 12th August’ 2012, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were spotted together for the  first time by media and since then we’ve enjoyed tracking how their relationship has bloomed over the years. It’s already their fourth year together, including the long span of time when they refused to publicly acknowledge the relationship. Fans across the country have eagerly celebrated their anniversaries. And this year fans have been even more enthusiastic, which is quiet apparent from their Twitter Posts.

Have a look at some adorable tweets!

When accidentally Ranveer appeared in Deepika’s selfie…


This amazing now-an-then photograph is showing that time flies.


When they adorably matched each other from head to toe.


When Ranveer proved that he is way protective and caring for his ladylove.


DeepVeer along with a baby and we couldn’t stop doing ‘awww’.


Deepika’s sweet words for her handsome hunk that totally won our hearts.


When Ranveer raised the bar for the al the boyfriends.


When Mastani gave Bajirao the title of the best onscreen kisser.


They praised each other and we couldn’t get over it.

Their first dubsmash together.


Their PDA and our ‘awwws’ go hand in hand.


DeepVeer and their adorable goodbye moments.




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