Deepika Padukone Will Remind You Of The Excitement You Felt When You Took Your First Flight

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9:36 am 23 Aug, 2016

The first time in-flight experience is always special and memorable. The bubbling excitement to fly in the air watching the clouds, listening to music and being served are little joys which still make my stomach howl with butterflies.

Deepika is featuring in Vistara’s new ad and every bit of it is reminiscing our childhood memories of flying high.

Be it the time when you first spotted the plane from the waiting area,

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Or the time you settled yourself and look forward to flying (and food!) with that anxiety and a nervous toothy grin

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Deepika has reminded us of all those little joys of listening to good music, watching the sun go down from the window or sleeping back in pleasure.

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Watch the ad here!



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