Deepika Padukone’s Bang On Reaction To The Rumors About Her Marriage With Ranveer

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12:35 pm 21 Jul, 2016

For all those waiting for an ‘official’ announcement from the much-in-love couple, DeepikaVeer, here is a dampener, straight from the horse’s mouth!

Yes, as per the speculations going around, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were secretly engaged and were about to tie knot in the coming year.



Earlier, Ranveer reacted to the matter hilariously, but Deepika took it a bit personal and has given a power-packed statement to all those who are expecting her to marry soon.

Source says, she is not interested in marriage at least for the next two years. Also, in the ongoing India Couture Week 2016 in Delhi, Deepika said,

I’m not pregnant, I’m not having a baby, I’m not engaged and I’m not married.

This was a straightforward “NO” to all those who have been interested in her personal life for so long.


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