Deepika Padukone Looks Like An Absolute Epitome Of Beauty On The Cover Of ‘Paper’ Magazine

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12:33 pm 3 Sep, 2016

The poise with which Deepika Padukone carries herself is so effortless and magnetic! The grace of her beauty and intelligence is what connects with people and makes her one of the most admired actresses of this generation. This year, her stardom expanded globally because of her much-awaited Hollywood film, ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’. Besides, she has also become the 10th highest paid actress in the world this year.

We have always been smitten by her intense eyes and dusky face that portray the deepest emotions with ease. And, now, she has made us fall for her even more with this cover of elite lifestyle magazine ‘Paper’.

Check out her photoshoot and melt yourself in her elegance:


Those eyes speak a thousand words and the Fendi outfit embraces her even more:


Watch the teaser of her photoshoot in this electrifying video as ‘Paper’ magazine labels her “The Bollywood Mega-Star About to Conquer America”.


She has already conquered everyone’s heart in India. American hearts are the new target.

To read her full interview with ‘Paper’, click here. 

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