Deepika And Ranveer Send Flying Kisses Openly And We Just Can’t Stop Going “Awww”

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4:01 pm 30 Jun, 2016

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are definitely the two cuties of Bollywood. This darling couple is giving relationship goals every now and then that absolutely make others jealous!


Deepika gave a phenomenal performance on a ‘Bajirao Mastani’ track and it was obvious that the loudest applause came from Ranveer along with a flying kiss.

He looked the happiest and so proud of his lady love in that moment.

Watch the video closely, you will notice that Deepika, at the end of her performance, mouthed ‘for you’ while looking at Ranveer.


If you think this is adorable, then watch Deepika blow a kiss towards the prince of her heart, Ranveer.


Oh, this couple! Will they ever stop? They make me so jealous!

I can hear your prayers girls, I know you want a relationship like this!


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