10 Things I Experienced While Dating A ‘Sarfiri’ Girl

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4:00 pm 10 Sep, 2015

It took a moment to feel her presence in the college canteen, as she sat in a silent corner reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”, hiding her face. All I could see was a “B.E.L.I.E.V.E” tattoo on her neck. She wore heavy embroidered clothes and weird accessories covered her right hand. From a distance, she looked like a loner Naina from ‘Yeh Jewani Hai Dewani’.

But as I stopped by her and made a decent approach to start a conversation. It took me just 3 minutes to realize that she is an EXPLOSION.

And my heart said, “You and her will write a bad romance.”

What happened next?


1. She was interesting and super-awesome.

She was too pacy and didn’t engage in boring talks like “study background” or crap. Just within 10 minutes of meeting her, she popped up a personal question “Are you dating someone?”

I was taken aback and my silence answered her (I am single!). As I had nothing to interest her, she started spilling out live-in secrets and history of her exes.

2. Actually, she didn’t take me seriously at all.

She needed someone to share her depth of emotions. And her outspoken attitude established that she had no close friends. As I started sharing my life with her, she would interrupt me with her own life obsessive struggles, which often felt a bit annoying.

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3. She would tell things about me, that I was unaware about.

She was the master in decoding personalities, just by  knowing my zodiac sign, she figured out my weaknesses and strengths. Altogether, it gave me different perceptive about myself, and her crazy talks were like Tequila shots – with every shot (talk), the effect multiplied.


4.  While, I was still thinking, “Who is she really?”

The more she exhaled her secrets, the more impossible it became for me to know her. As every trait of  her’s was fascinating and different, she was becoming a mystery for me, one that I was incapable of solving.

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5. She became close in no time.

That’s the insane-yet-best part of dating a crazy girl. I just couldn’t get her out of my head so easily. Being naturally gravitated towards her with no reason, made me believe that love is truly blind.


6. Then she suddenly disappeared.

In the beginning, it felt wonderful and joyous as we were exploring new things together and she was learning so much about herself. Everything was going great. Then suddenly, no messages. No calls. And she became “Ms India”. I remembered the fun we used to have and how fulfilled she was, as sadness took over me.

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7. But she made me a ‘better’ me.

It’s okay to go through the grieving process. I took her for granted, because I focused on us as a couple. It’s time to f*ck the journey that we promised that we will have together. And ‘new’ me that doesn’t gives a s*it.


8. I just saved myself from losing true self.

What to know and who’s to blame is forever the battle of the heart with the mind. So let them settle that out themselves. I can always be as serious as I want, and I can always be as ridiculous as I want. It doesn’t really matter, just as long as I’m being me.


9. Then, she returns again.

Then she presented her craziness again. She apologizes profusely for her sudden disappearance. As her guilt pushed her into deep melancholy,  I forgive her, as she accepted her mistake.


10. What goes around, comes around.

Should I accept her again? Should I just be friends with her? As questions rained in my head, the wise option, which my heart advised was to NOT to go back to her. Even thought she tried to make a move to restore the ruined relationship, once trust a broken, it just cannot be replaced.




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