Dating a Medico? You Will Certainly Relate To These 14 Things

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10:00 am 9 Feb, 2016

Dating a medical student is an exhilarating experience. Especially if you are not from the medical background yourself. It can be a learning experience of a different kind; it’s sure to leave you wise at the end of the day. No kidding.

Expect nothing of the ordinary when you date a medico. Instead expect to be surprised, shocked and speechless.


1. They are pros at listening, so anytime you want to vent, just go seek them.

These men and women have spent the prime of their youth listening to lectures and patients. Just try and catch them in the morning, as they might be too tired to listen by the end of the shift.


2. You will have to brush up your skills at planning a date.

If you want to take a medico to a wedding or a birthday, enter it in their schedule at least 3-4 weeks in advance, and keep reminding them after every three days. That’s how busy they are. You’ve got to make adjustments.


3. Be mentally prepared for a proper date once in a blue moon.

Once the semester exams finish, s/he needs to prepare for the presentation or an oral exam or a case review. So any date is a good date.


4. Just because s/he is a medico, don’t assume that s/he can fix everything.

In reality, most times s/he might not have a clue as to why your stomach is hurting or why your eye is twitching. You will just have to turn to aspirin, as always.


5. If a medico wants café mocha every morning at 6 AM from the coffee shop around the corner – just let him/her have it.

These medicos are so strained for time that they like to stick to routines as if they have an OCD. Don’t try to break it!


6. Get ready to hear patients stories the whole evening and sometimes in bed too.

You will have to hear about the poop quality of the new patient, or the major surgery that he observed or how the young kid puked all over the nurse. Well, that’s just another day in their lives.


7. You don’t need to be embarrassed when you have diarrhea and nausea.

With a medico as your date, feel free to talk about urine, poop, UTI and all things you might find gross. You are just another subject for them.


8. Be ready to move to new places!

If you think the medico you are dating is the one for you, be ready to move with him or her every time they climb higher up on the career ladder.


9. There is a possibility that the medico you are dating will turn out to be a jerk or psycho.

The stress and pressure can give a bad attitude to most people. Look for a medico who has a laid back attitude or is aspiring to be a surgeon.


10. Medicos work in 48 to 50 hours shifts! Just so you know.

So please do not expect them to look pretty for a Sunday brunch date. In all probability, they won’t wake up after a 24 hour shift.


11. Working hard and pushing their limits is their second nature.

Their attitude and passion is contagious; one thing is sure, they will motivate you to pursue your goals.


12. They rarely party. Expect them to drink like a fish and pass out.

And we think it’s okay; after all, it is rarely that they get a break from their projects, reports, blood and mucus.


13. They take break ups in their stride and really have no time to think about them.

These men and women have seen many rejections from several schools. They know how it feels to be rejected and how to move on.


14. Expect them to take their relationships as seriously as their work.

Medicos are a passionate breed, determined to bring about a change in the world around them.


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