15 Daily Struggles Of A 20 Something Guy Still Living With His Parents

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10:00 am 13 Jan, 2016

Times have changed, or should we say taken giant leaps. Humans are planning to build colonies on the Mars. But when it comes to our parents, nothing has changed. We might be twenty or forty; they are going to treat us like ten year olds.

We love them no doubt. But sometimes we wish that they would let up on us a little, after all we are going to be twenty-one soon. Isn’t that the legal age to get married in India? So when we have to live with our parents, even though we are working and earning, these fears refuse to go away:


1. After a great night out with friends, you come home fearing your mother might smell the alcohol on you.

Normally, your mom is not a light sleeper but the day you drink, she wakes up the moment she hears the door open.


2. Chances of taking your girlfriend home are zero!

You will have to wait for them to go out of town.


3. You might have to negotiate with them at the dinner table, what is the border line of alcohol-ism.

If your dad says two is the limit, two it shall be.


4. Your dad will also want to know why your best friend can’t celebrate his birthday over the weekend, even though it falls on a Tuesday.

He should know that your daddy allowed you to grab a drink or two only on the weekends.


5. You have to respond to every text or phone call; including those coming in at 11 pm, asking about your whereabouts.

Their house, their rules! Does it not remind you of your teenage years? Poor thing.


6. You have to remind your mom when she texts you late at night that you are aware that you have work the next day.

She probably doesn’t know that you are out with the boss himself.


7. Get over your phase of new found freedom in college and the university; back to the home base now.

You will have major adjustments to do and be ready to give up (a lot of) your freedom.


8. You have to keep your cool when your mom tells you the right way to cook scrambled eggs or wear the sweater she picked for you.

And you thought her criticisms and nagging had gone with the wind. No, it’s all the same; you are 20 something and still living at home.


9. You might throw a fit when your dad walks in at 1 am asking you to go to bed NOW!

Sorry dad, but we just can’t agree to this one.


10. Expect all hell to break loose if you don’t pick up your dirty clothes, or leave your dishes on the table.

If you want to have some peace, don’t give your folks a chance. Conform.


11. Just because you live with them doesn’t mean you get invited to all the yummy parties Mrs Chopra throws.

Your parents too have a life, you know.


12. After a few days’ rest, your mom will want to tell you which clothes to wear and which to throw away.

If you want to wear your ripped jeans, you will have to stick to your guns. All the best.


13. You will be constantly reminded that you need to tone down your extravagant lifestyle and earn more.

Your father could not afford a bottle of Red Label every month, so how dare you?


14. Now that your mom has spoilt you with yummy food, some day if she doesn’t cook, you get all flabbergasted.

You have the cheapness to call your dad and ask him to hurry home and cook for you.


15. You will have to juggle between breakfast plans with the girl friend and a trip to the market with your mom.

Take your pick, whatever you choose, the guilt will refuse to subside.


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