11 Hopeful Thoughts We Have Every Morning Only To Be Given Up By Noon

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7:00 pm 20 Aug, 2015

A new day brings new hopes. There are hopes to a better day, to a better evening and to a better life. You are after all a new version of yourself after a good night’s sleep. So, you are all set to mark this day to do all things you’ve been wanting to do forever. This sole day will have the power to make your body feel like JLO, to party like Hilton and to chill like Bethany Mota.


So here I list out 11 thoughts for all hopeful things we would do this day mid-day to finally finds us giving up.

1.  6:30 AM – It’s a new day!

Snooze the alarm, I am going to wake up at 7:30 AM. I will have enough time to exercise, have a good breakfast and spend some time on make-up. It will be a beautiful day!


2. 8:30 AM – No worries!

That’s fine. I can skip the exercising. I can hit the gym in the evening. (So what if I am gorging on last night’s pizzas right now!)


3. 9:00 AM – The list!

I think I will write for my blog today. I can’t forget it. I can also stop by to meet a friend this evening. It’s been so long!



4. 9:30 AM – Add-ons!

I am going to reach before time today. I would love to see the look on my boss’s face! SLAY!
I will send all those pending e-mails tonight.


5. 10:30 AM – Not Giving up Yet!

Fine, it’s my official time. I really was going to leave early today. I think I should cook tonight. Mother would be so happy!


6. 11:30 AM – Boring feelers!

Why is my life so dull? RSVP to all Facebook invites. I need to go to this new cafe in Hauz Khas Village.


7. 12:00 AM- Window shopping!

I have no idea how do I land up on Flipkart from Facebook. I think I need to order this organic hair spray tonight. It’s the last day of the Sale. Oh, look at this bag! CLICK.

8.  12:30 PM – Google-ing!

How to become productive? How to do manicures at home? How to lose arm fat? I need to take things under control. Shoot the gym. We are gonna do this on our own!

9. 1:00 PM- Clinging on to the last hope!

Enough. I need to stream some good, motivating music to get it started. I am going to work now.
I will leave early today. I HAVE to. It was a NEW DAY!!!!

10. 1:30 PM – Selena Gomez or Alina Baraaz

Who can make me feel more productive? I don’t like this song. Next.
Next. Next. This new trailer! I have to watch a movie tonight. It’s been eternity.
Let’s tune into some wacky, Hindi song. Next. Next.

11. 2:00 PM – I give up!

I am tired. I’m hungry. I am going to eat lunch, go with my now-so-hopeless day and look forward to a good sleep at the end of the day. I wish for nothing more.


Well, there’s always tomorrow.

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