15 Lessons Dads Should Share With Daughters Before Their Big Day

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10:00 am 14 Jan, 2016

A father is every daughter’s hero, and sometimes best friend too. She always looks up to him for advice, motivation and support. This advice gets extra important and crucial, when she is all set to get married.

Her wedding is, perhaps, the most important event in her father’s life, and hers. On this joyous occasion we hope all fathers give this sound advice to their daughters, which will help them to have a happy married life.

1. Trust your gut and follow your heart, no matter what the world says.

Learn to take your decisions and stick to them no matter what. Things might not happen the way you want them to, but that will be a lesson, too.


2. Respect yourself and try to be an independent woman.

There will be situations when the going will get very tough, but if you will not respect yourself, don’t expect others to.


3. Love your in-laws the way you love your parents.

If you want your husband to love and respect your parents, you must do the same, too. Accept them without any pre-set notions and expectations. Make a genuine effort to bond with them.


4. Give genuine love and care to his family members. Treat them like your own.

If you want him to love your siblings and relatives, then set a good example yourself. Learn to value all relationships!


5. Be flexible and ready to try and learn new things.

After marriage get ready for the new changes. You might have to handle new responsibilities of handling the finances, or chores. Be ready to adapt, learn and change.


6. Face all situations, do not run away from them.

Instead of running from a problem, look for the right solution. Make a habit of looking for solutions if you want to live in peace. Running away never did any good to anybody.


7. Be appreciative of your partner and give him his due space, just as you deserve your space.

Do not make the fatal mistake of trying to change your spouse. Accept him the way he is, if you want to be accepted the way you are.


8. His parents will mean the world to him and that’s okay.

Your parents mean the world to you, too. Love them like you love your parents, and soon you will mean the world to him, too.


9. No matter where you go, this is your home forever.

Don’t give two hoots to a society that asks you to believe that after marriage this is not your home. This is your home, we are your family and our doors are always open for you.


10. I am here for you always, come what may.

You might be in any situation, in any corner of the world. I am your dad and you will always be my little girl. Nothing in the world can change that.


11. Dress sensibly and look decent, you represent us and your in-laws now. Make us proud!

You will be judged by the way you look. So choose your clothes sensibly.


12. Do your thinking yourself and have healthy discussions with him.

At the end of the day, there are only a handful of people in this world who are your well-wishers. Keep them close!


13. Once you are married, you will need a healthy dose of emotions and practical knowledge.

Don’t forget, love does not fill your stomach with food. You will need to strike the right balance.


14. Educate yourself on his interests. Learning about the rules of football and cricket is not rocket science.

You don’t have to enjoy them, but you sure can use it to strike up an interesting conversation with him. The effort will surely be appreciated, and perhaps, even reciprocated.


15. If you are in love, you will not need to do anything. It will come to you naturally.

Just remember to appreciate the effort when it comes from the other side.


16. Avoid the age-old drama of hanging the bath towel, picking your shoes and plates.

If they couldn’t remember it before the wedding, why are you expecting them to remember now? Don’t spoil a good thing by doing this.


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