9 Things That Cycling Can Teach You About Life

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5:00 pm 16 Aug, 2015

Cycling is important for both mental and physical health. It increases the breathing rate and thus enables more fresh air to enter the body. It drives away depression.

But, I am not here to lecture you on importance of cycling and also it doesn’t matter because you don’t cycle at all. Probably from now on you will because here are things which show how cycling can prepare you to face life’s challenges…

1. Life is just like cycling on the road; you never know with whom you will end up.

2. Courage is more important than skill. Because getting the courage to impress someone is the first step to master the skill.

3. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does help you get better.

4. Don’t try something new half-heartedly – really give it a chance.

You will always need someone to guide you to cycle whole-heartedly.

5. Loving something is the easy part. Committing is difficult.

To cycle for a day is easy but to continue it for a lifetime requires dedication.

6. Even the best fall down sometimes.

7. A little kindness goes a long way.

Sometimes putting people ahead of you is not that bad.

8 . Don’t be obsessed with the outcome.

9. Fear is an enemy you can turn into a friend.

Kill the fear of falling down and you shall learn to rise

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