19 Reasons Why You Miss Your Bicycle Days From Childhood

6:00 pm 19 Jun, 2015

Bicycles were like the first machine, which gave us freedom and independence. Pushing those pedals were always fun and it gave kind of wings. The best part is that there are no restrictions in terms of age as anyone can ride the bicycle and enjoy the world on two-wheeler with no expenditure.

1. Cycling has always been a life enhancer since it was the first independent machine we could drive.


2. We never had to take permission to ride a bicycle. Easiest accessible vehicle.


3. Riding in the starting was fear, hurt, and pain that later turned to a confident cycler.


4. Cycling during those times nurtured a social life of a child because he could make friends by riding to nearby distances.


5. The places were easily approachable which by the way wasn’t easy especially with the cars.


6. Racing with the bicycle was the only competitive sport known.


7. It was always convenient either you could hop on the bicycle and drive it or walk with it on the pathways.


8. The colours of the bicycles always fascinated and attracted us to them.


9. Parking? What’s parking? You can just drop it!



10. Riding a bicycle was always healthy and gave us lot of energy with the happiness intact. Pumping the pedals was always good for the heart.


11. There was a sense of victory as soon as the bicycle beat the traffic jam in the city.


12. There was no expenditure on the fuel. Rather it fueled up our body with fresh air and tremendous liveliness without harming the environment.


13. It was an exploratory play with lots of fun experimentation.


14. There was always a gang and the natural surroundings seemed more beautiful with them.


15. Bicycle always extended the geographical road sense and made those rides interesting and happening.


16. There were all the calculated risks and all the thrilling stunts performed, of course, it was never known to the parents.


17. With whatever pocket money we got, we saved a lot of money for the little treats.


18. The random lifts were always welcomed. There was no hesitation if someone asked or even if we had to take one.


19. At times, we also miss the ride with the first crush we had.



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