Cyber Attack Hits Computers Of Army Officers. Pakistani And Chinese Hackers Suspected

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1:42 pm 16 May, 2017

A massive cyber attack hit the computers of Indian Army officers this Friday. The attackers, suspected to be Pakistanis or Chinese, attempted to inject data stealing malware by luring army officers with proposals of a foreign posting to Sri Lanka.

The mail was sent by a person nicknamed ADGMT-16. The message was made to appear as if it was sent by the Director General of Military Training of Indian Army which informs army personnel about training courses within the country and abroad.


The officers who received the email first informed the Army Cyber Group which quickly issued an alert to all the officers against opening such an email.

The hackers’ attempt to damage or gain unauthorized access to critical information on army officers’ computers by luring them with a posting in Sri Lanka coincides with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day visit to Colombo.

The attacks are being probed by the Army Cyber Group and the Computer Emergency Response Team, however, it is suspected to be done by Chinese and Pakistani hackers since they have made such attempts in the past as well.

In the month of April, there was an attempt to hack into the computers of senior army officers with emails claiming to contain their “sex videos”!


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